Lean technologies
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About us

Leaneria, is a joint-stock company, founded and headquartered in Kaunas (Lithuania). The company aims at helping customer businesses to transform themselves for success in a digital economy by:

  • substantially increasing process efficiency by i.e. positioning key assets
  • providing early warnings of deviations from company quality targets
  • decreasing the possibility of human errors (and avoiding accidents by that)
  • providing sustainable improvements for the customer business

The company aims at delivering high returns to it’s customers. Target is to double the customers expected ROI % (that it uses as it’s financial KPI) for business investments.

Leaneria is a LeanTech company, utilizing digital tools, technologies and applications to increase customer company success

Our services

As a service company it bundles existing lean methodologies with real-time positioning technologies in order to provide customers with real-time control on their business processes and assets.

Leaneria’s own analysis platform

SaaS platform in combination with indoor positioning solutions create a powerful tool that can be applied in a number of industries, but also for enhancing performance in sports.

Professional consultancy services

Which support customer management in choosing the right setup for their business.

Installation services

Leaneria’s technical staff is trained to install the needed equipment at the customer site. The cloud based analysis and reporting service can generate pre-defined reports and analysis for the customer or in some cases we feed the customers own (i.e. ERP) systems with the data. Leaneria also offers complimentary support services to it’s customers.

Creating value in

Manufacturing, with needs to increase efficiency and occupational safety


Manfacturing process are build in order to be lean and efficient. Failing to optimize production processes can be very costly and it can be easily improved by imrproving floor management control, installing security zones around machines or so many more. Ask our consultant how we can help your business to make more money.


Retail companies aiming at understanding customer behavior

Retail stores see exactly which product aisles or promotions draw customers attention. Retail suppliers and promotions usually do not offer facts on how many customers in fact paid any attention to the promotion stand. With Leaneria’s solution, guessing is history. Facts can be delivered.


Construction companies with increased employee safety

Positiong at construction site can be a life saving service but also provide management realtime feed on costly assets such as machines or components


Healthcare, especially service companies with ambitions in eHealth

Nothing is more precious than life itself. Leaneria’s supports patient safety and hospital safety my keeping life saving machines at disposal. Patients can also be found fast if they press the emergency button of their personal tag.



Current showcases convert basketball and icehockey games into a datastream that can be analyzed in great detail for enhancing sport performance or spectator experience.



The benefits of digitizing motion presented at the Smart business conference
The benefits of digitizing motion presented at the Smart business conference
 On 24th of January 2018 Leaneria’s managing partner Dr. Renata Urbone presented the benefits businesses may achieve when digitizing the motion at  the conference “Smart business: the importance of digitization”…
Speaking at the conference “Smart business: the importance of digitisation”
Speaking at the conference “Smart business: the importance of digitisation”
Leaneria’s managing partner Dr. Renata Urbone will be giving a presentation on the opportunities and benefits related to the digitisation of motion in the conference organized by Science, Innovation and…

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